I’m Lorena Farias! A Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and mom to 2 sweet boys. My boys, Mateo who is 5 and Milan who is 2 are my biggest gifts. I have a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Florida International University. I’m also the founder of No Es Dieta, which I consider my third baby.

My biggest passion is to let others know the benefits of eating healthy and choosing healthy options. It is from this that my business, No Es Dieta, is born. ‘No Es Dieta’ stands for «Your new way of eating, not a diet». That is my philosophy. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to encourage many to switch their eating habits and show them the benefits of eating real food.

As an influencer many followers are always asking me about things I purchase for my home, the kids, the places I go to eat. This is why I like to be very authentic with what I post on social media and the collaborations or partnerships I do. For me it’s so meaningful to share authentic thoughts with my followers. I like to share with them my favorite snacks, household essentials, kids’ toys, snacks, and trips we take, etc.

Which is why partnering with brands that have the same beliefs as me is so valuable.

I love creating engaging and authentic content that will resonate with my audience and help your brand reach a wider audience.

Ready to collaborate or partner with me?