Count Nutrients Not Calories! (English Digital Version)


I’m Lorena Farias, Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics, creator of @noesdieta and writer of the book: Count Nutrients Not Calories! Dedicated to nutritional advice: clear, concise and concrete, ready for us to integrate into our daily routine.

Información Adicional

Count Nutrients, Not Calories (English and Digital Version) Eating better is one of the most widespread purposes among the population, not only when it comes to losing weight, but also to maintain good health. At a time when information of all kinds flies free through the networks, it is important that we know what information we can go when we want to expand our knowledge about nutrition and especially reach our nutritional goals as well as achieve better quality of life. My book that includes: • Alkaline diet to prevent and treat chronic diseases. • How to avoid the formation of free radicals. • Requirements of macro nutrients. • How our portions should be. • Snacks to reduce anxiety. • Food before and after exercise. • Green juice recipes. • Simple and rich recipes. • How to understand nutritional tables and buy smart in the supermarket. Food Plan to reduce up to 1 kg per week. Hope you enjoy this Ebook it was made with love. This is an informative, comprehensive, and practical resource book by Lorena Farías experienced Dietitian from Florida International University. It offers step-by-step advice to help the reader transform self-defeating habits and mindsets to achieve quality of life.